3 Tips to Pick the Right Protective Phone Case for iPhone 15

3 Tips to Pick the Right Protective Phone Case for iPhone 15

Have you ever experienced the sheer horror of dropping your brand new Apple iPhone 15, only to discover that it's now cracked? 

By prioritizing the protection of your phone, you not only prevent accidents like this, but also save yourself from the burden of costly repairs. Read on for 3 tips on how to pick the right protective phone case and which type of cases are best for iPhones.


1. Opt for CZBRM™ Material

When it comes to the durability of a phone case, the material plays an important role. If you're someone who's prone to dropping their phone, it's important to pick a case crafted from a sturdy material capable of withstanding impact, such as EcoShock™.


What is the most protective phone case material?

EcoShock™ is our proprietary shock-absorbing material we found after 4 years of research and development. At a molecular level, the plant-based material is able to turn the kinetic energy of an impact into heat.

The result? Absorbing 95% of impact and offering up to a 20% increase in drop protection, so your iPhone 15 stays light and protected.


2. Go for Well-Structured Corner Design 

Through our research which involves drop-testing numerous smartphones, we found that 70% of phones tend to fall on their corners- indicating that those areas are often the weakest spots for impact resistance. This is why it's important to select protective phone cases that provide corner protection to minimize the risk of damage during the accidental drops.


​​CZBRM's Ultra Bounce Case features expanded bumper corner, compression ribs, and air cavities to not only provide structural support but also to enhance rigidity, making it one of the top rugged iPhone cases to purchase.


The Ultra Bounce Cases draw inspiration from ocean waves and modern parametric architectures. With rounded corners, they provide a structural support system to provide maximum air-cushioned shock absorption. So you can have a worry-free adventure knowing that your iPhone 15 is protected wherever you go.


3. Detailing Is Key

Having a lifted camera ring and bezel ensures that your phone can lay flat on surfaces without the camera lenses and screen directly touching. This detailing acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding the phone and reducing the risk of scratches and other damages. With these features, you can easily have a peace of mind, knowing that your new iPhone 15 is well-guarded.


Where to Buy Protective Phone Cases?

Discover CZBRM’s strong lineup of protective phone cases crafted to cater to your needs. We’re a strong believer that your phone case should reflect your taste and style. So you can get the best of both worlds!

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