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Dynex Ink Link Case

Dynex Ink Link Case

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Introducing Our Revolutionary Innovation: The NFC Smart Case! 🌟

Upload any picture from your camera roll or even screenshot pictures from online. Customize your case with absolutely anything you want!

The best part? Our NFC Smart Case doesn't require any power and won't drain your phone's battery life. Simply upload your image and watch our magic NFC technology come to life!

Explore the wonders of your NFC Smart Case! 📱

Step 1: Connect your case to your iPhone using NFC 🔄

Step 2: Capture a photo or pick one from your gallery 📸

Step 3: Upload the image to the app 📲

Step 4: Admire your customized case display! 🤩

You Can Change As Many Photos As You Want!!

E-ink Case™ - NFC Phone Case - E-ink Screen Phone Case

With NFC Smart Case, change your look daily based on your mood, completely FREE!

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly changing phone cases. Our innovative tech lets you customize your case instantly, ensuring your device always reflects your personality and style.

Imagine having a phone case that adapts to your mood and style, without buying multiple cases. With NFC Smart Case, it's not just a dream – it's reality. Join the revolution of smart, stylish phone accessories and never settle for a boring case again.


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