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NE3™ - CleanEar Pro

NE3™ - CleanEar Pro

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Instantly Removes Ear Wax

With a built-in HD camera that streams a live view of your ear canal to your device, you're no longer cleaning in the dark. See precisely where the wax is and remove it safely and effectively. NE3TM acts as an early warning system, helping you identify potential health threats in your ear canal before they escalate

Safety First, Better Hearing

Cotton swabs are dangerous, ineffective and outdated. They clog our ears,causing hearing loss, and increase the likeliness of ear infections. The NE3M device is designed to prioritize your safety by preventing deep penetration into your ear canal, significantly reducing the risk of injury. Improve your hearing, protect your health, and say hello to a safer and more effective way of maintaining ear hygiene.

Buy One, Use Forever

Do you clean your ears once a week or once a day? The majority of people will land somewhere in- between, cleaning their ears a few times per week - 100's of times per year and 1000's of times in their lifetime. It's time to start doing it safely & effectively.

We believe you should get value for your money which is why NE3TM comes with reusable & replaceable silicone ear tips meaning once purchased, you'll never need to buy another NE3TM again! Now that is value for money.












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